where is there? tries to approach the idea of imposed/proposed personal and territorial boundaries through the prism of spatial empathy. Both concepts are an imaginary convention that helps us relate and interact with our close and far environment. The places we inhabit shape us as individuals and vice versa, therefore these places become like an external memory that preserves a part of ourselves while defining us within our personal and territorial boundaries.
What happens when one imposes new boundaries against the will of the other? Will the other be forced to accept the new boundaries, or does the other have the right to defend his or her own definition of identity, despite the fact that one does not recognize it? If one alters the places attached to the other's identity so much that they becomes mere spaces, can the other still consider them and belong to those places?

where is there? shows apartment buildings built for a Romania with a once fluorishing industry and the former DN.3 R.A.A. air shield built to protect it from a NATO air strike. Superimposed over these images are archival slides taken by the artist's grandfather who traveled to the GDR, France, Switzerland as well as family photographs from Romania shot in some places of the present videos.

Mixed analogue and digital video installation on 3 channels: 2 full HD video projections and 1 slide projector.
5 minutes

2022 - ongoing

The video installation is an outcome of the research made by curators Black Horse Mansion of the group exhibition De ce ne pasă? on the theme empathy. Exhibited at Galateca Bucharest 2022.