When Flamingos Fall From the Sky / Un flamingo nu cade din cer

A girl reminisces the encounter with a mysterious creature. But in this trip through a wintry landscape, the line between memories and imagination becomes blurry.

Main Cast: Daria Sandu, Richard Bovnoczki
Director and DP: Dragoș Hanciu
Written by Diana Voinea
Edited by Bogdan Orcula
Music by Vlad Caia
Set design and costumes by Mălina Ionescu
Sound design by Andrei Nechifor
Produced by Laura Mușat / Castalia Pictures
Co-produced by Dragoș Hanciu / Monogram Film
With the kind support of Studioset, Dash Film, Static VFX

Winning script at The Script Contest 2019, Romania.

Short film, 15:34 minutes
Romania, 2022

Copyright Castalia Pictures, Monogram Film


Cairo International Film Festival - Egypt, 2022: Short Film Competition
Bucharest International Experimental Film - Romania, 2022: National Competition
Este Film Festival - Romania, 2023: Short Film Competition
The Script Contest - Romania, 2019: Best Script Award