The Man and His Shadow / Omul cu umbra

After spending almost all his life in the dark room, Georges has to come out and face reality. The change is imminent: there’s another generation coming, one that he doesn’t understand, but needs to accept.

Georges is the flamboyant analogue photography lab technician at the national film school in Bucharest. Alleged modernisation plans determine the school management to replace him, ending his lifelong career. On the backdrop of Romania’s biggest anti-corruption protests against the governing populist party, the film turns a humanistic gaze towards an institution that works as a mirror to the higher governing forces in its country. Gheorghe's fight for his job becomes a matter of life and death, much more than a technological transition.

Directed, written and shot by Dragoș Hanciu
Edited by Ciprian Cimpoi
Music by Vlad Feneșan and Filip Mureșan
Radio artist: Jasmina Al-Qaisi
Sound design and mixing by Filip Mureșan
Producers: Dragoș Hanciu, Cătălin Neagoe
Associate producer: Bianca Oana
Produced by Monogram Film

Feature length documentary
Romania, 2021

Transylvania IFF Cluj - Romania, 2021: Romanian Days Competition - National Premiere
Les Films des Cannes a Bucarest - Romania, 2021: Romanian premieres
Astra IFF Sibiu - Romania, 2022: Romanian Competition

Reviews and interviews

Andrei Gorzo / Victor Morozov, Dilema Veche / Ionut Mares, Films in Frame / Ioana Hodor, Observatorul Cultural / VICE Romania