Switch Heelflip, George Bărbulescu aka Georgică

When speaking of architectural styles, Bucharest is a real mix-up. Sometimes, when walking it can get really confusing because it feels like you're living in a maze.
But when you're skating, the maze disappears because you have a complete new perspective over the town seeing only skate spots, starting with a nice flatground and ending with a set of stairs, ledges or even a wrecked car.

Romania, 2014.

*more photos are coming asap
**skaters are moving from left to right.

Switch Kiclflip, Dragos Carlan aka Piglet

Fakie Heelflip, Cristian Benescu aka Uskat

Fakie Treflip, Dragos Carlan aka Piglet

Fakie Inward Heelflip, Philip Marasoiu aka Marasoiu

Switch Treflip, Petrut Diatcu aka Petru

Heelflip, Anda Tudoran aka Dezbi

Fakie Kickflip, Gabriel Dorissa aka Sheckler

Ollie North, Razvan Popescu aka Banzi

Nollie Kickflip, Dragos Dumitrana aka Dumi

Switch Frontside Shoveit, Cristian Cohal aka Grasu

Fakie Ollie, Stefan Dragomir aka Roscat

Kickflip, Mihnea Groseanu aka Mihnea

Fakie Heelflip, Philip Marasoiu aka Marasoiu