It's been 10 years now since I first started pushing. That piece of wood with four wheels took me so far and, more importantly, it gave me the chance to meet people.
I really miss those days when I was a kid and skateboarding was my only care, so it felt right to try to take away a few moments of time, because sadly
skateboarding doesn't last forever for everyone.

"When you're young, not much matters..."
but as soon as I had to mind other things than skateboarding every single day, I understood that I'm not young enough anymore and I suddenly realized there aren't many photos to go back to, because nobody really documented the skateboarding scene back then, apart from a few interviews in magazines that don't exist anymore.

Here you can find portraits of skaters that I met when I was just a kid,
and skaters that I met when they were only kids.
Many of the skaters I met back in the day are not pushing anymore, so we haven't seen each other ever since.
I wish I'll casually meet them and maybe take a few more photos.

Skateboarding brings people together. As long as you're still skating...

The album is actually about time. These photos try to hold on to those careless moments of skateboarding, but the irony is that they get valuable as time goes by.
Hopefully, I will be able to give back skateboarding something that many of us don't have.

Romania, 2013.

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