Dragoș Hanciu was born in 1993 in Orăștie, a small city from Transylvania, Romania. He spent almost half of his life skateboarding and that's how he got in contact with photo and video cameras: cruising on the streets, skating and shooting everything he saw.
In 2012 he started studying Film Directing at UNATC in Bucharest, where he also had his first contact with analogue cameras. This is the turning point where he started taking photography more seriously. In 2014, Dragoș made his first short documentary The Floating Bridge featured in several festivals in Romania and Europe. Now, after graduating he attend Aristoteles Workshop where he made his second documentary, Ionaș Dreams of Rain which premiered in April 2017 at Visions du Réel. Currently he is in the post-production of his first feature documentary.
Dragoș is working on a couple of personal photo projects - both documentary and essay. He will publish his first photobook, Hometown this winter. His first solo exhibition took place in May 2016, at Die Färberei gallery in Munich, Germany, and showcased photos from Hometown, and a video installation called Happy Holidays.