Dragoș Hanciu was born in 1993 in Orăștie, a small city from Transylvania, Romania. He spent almost half of his life skateboarding and that's how he got in contact with photo and video cameras: cruising on the streets, skating and shooting everything he saw.

In 2012 he started studying Film Directing at UNATC in Bucharest, where he also had his first contact with analogue cameras. This is the turning point where he started taking photography more seriously. In 2014, Dragoș made his first short documentary The Floating Bridge featured in several festivals in Romania and Europe. Now, after graduating he attended Aristoteles Workshop where he made his second documentary, Ionaș Dreams of Rain which premiered in 2017 at Visions du Réel. Three, a co-directed short experimental documentary was selected at Edinburgh Film Festival 2017 and other experimental film festivals in the USA.

Over the years he kept returning to Orăștie, his hometown, to work on his photographic project that led to his first photo exhibition at Die Faerberei Gallery in Munich 2016, and recently, to his first photo-book called Hometown which was shortlisted in 2018 for Best Self-published Photography Book Award at PHotoESPAÑA, FOLA® and Encontros da Imagem.

In 2020 he is among the 100 emerging European photographers selected by GUP Magazine for their annual Fresh Eyes catalogue.
Currently he is in the post-production of his first feature length documentary, a short experimental film, while also developing other photobook projects. In 2021 he is invited for a three months residency at Villa Waldberta in Munich.


A White Flamingo / Un flamingo alb, produced by Castalia Productions, 2022 (short)
The Man and His Shadow / Omul cu umbra, produced by Monogram Film, Romania, 2021 (debut feature length)
Ionaș Dreams of Rain / Ionaș visează că plouă, produced by Aristoteles Workshop, Romania, 2017 (short)
Three / Trei, co-directed with Robert Braga and Andrei Inizian, 2017 (short)
The Floating Bridge / Brudina, produced by UNATC (film school), 2014 (short)

Solo shows

Hometown, Lovelace, Munich, Germany, 2018 + artist talk
Hometown, 12-14 contemporary, Vienna, Ostriech, 2018 + artist talk
Hometown, Minerva Gallery, Cluj, Romania, 2018 + artist talk
Hometown, AP. 1 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2017-2018
Hometown, Die Faerberei, Munich, Germany, 2016

Group shows

unkowing now together with artists Duane Corpis, Eitan Rieger, Lee Dong-Hwan, Timo Herbst, Kinga Toth @ Palmen House Feldafing, Germany, 2021
Sunny Side Up together with artist Torsten Muehlbach, curated by Michael Grudziecki @ Kosk, Munich, 2021
Hometown, itinerary exhibition curated by Denise Parizek with artists Hubert Hasler, Noima Group, Agnes Hamvas, Michael Koch in Budapest (Knoll Gallery), Timisoara (Pygmalion Gallery), Belgrade (Ostavinska Gallery), Zagreb (Galeria Greta), Ljubljana (Chemical Institut Ljubljana), Vienna (12-14 contemporary), 2018
Hometown Cazul 101, Bucharest, Romania, 2018


Romanian Museum of Contemporary Art - Hometown: 9 large photographic prints, the photobook, its dummy, Happy Holidays video instalation

Awards / Grants

Lockdown, BRD Artist Rooms photography grant, 2020
Hometown, PHotoESPAÑA: Shortlisted - Best Self-published Photography Book of the Year Award, Spain 2018
Hometown, FOLA®: Shortlisted - Photobook Award #2, Argentina 2018
Hometown, Encontros da Imagem: Finalist - Photo book Award, Portugal 2018
Hometown, Istanbul Photobook Festival: Photobooks of the World, Turkey 2018

Residencies / Education

2021 Villa Waldberta, 3 months, Germany - photography
2018 Sounds like a book, 1 week, Romania - bookmaking
2016 Aristoteles Workshop, 1 month, Romania - documentary film making
2012-2015 UNATC Bucharest, Romania - BA Film Directing

Art / Book fairs

Polycopies, Paris Photo 2018

Publications and press

In print

GUP Fresh Eyes, Holland, 2020
Zone Magazine, Issue 1, Turkey, 2020
Eyeshot, Issue Flora and Fauna, Italy, 2020
Revista Arta, Issue 30, Romania, 2018
Arsenal, Issue 1, Romania, 2018
Rotric, Issue 3, Romania, 2018


Contributor Magazine / Booooooom / dirty harry's blog / Eyeshot / Street Photographers Foundation / VICE / Dreck Magazine / Mondorama / VICE RO / Sub25 / This Must Be The Place / Suplimentul de cultură / celula foto /